At Integry, Product Managers help build intuitive, innovative, and robust products for our customers so they can offer seamless integrations to their users. We are a venture-backed startup with a product-first culture. As a leader of their pod, PMs at Integry own the entire product development lifecycle, working closely not just with engineering and design, but also with customer-facing teams. In other words, there's never a dull moment.


  • You can think in terms of the big picture, but deliver on the details. We power mission-critical integrations with lots of moving parts.
  • You communicate clearly, empathetically, and often. That's how we produce quality products while being a fully remote company operating in multiple timezones since before COVID.
  • You have a nose for great products, and advocate for new features with qualitative and quantitative reasoning. PMs decide "what" we build, only because they go above and beyond to understand and articulate "why".
  • You do whatever it takes to make your product and team successful, whether that means writing a QA plan or hunting down the root cause of a user’s frustration. PMs win when their teams win.
  • You can turn incomplete, conflicting, or ambiguous inputs into solid action plans. For that, you must be a good listener, and a systems thinker.
  • You are technical enough to ask engineers good questions about architecture and product decisions alike, and engage with customer teams on hairy implementation challenges.
  • Beyond just shipping new products, you obsess about continuous product improvement. You (almost) enjoy dogfooding!


  • You’ve spent at least five years in product development in a software company
  • You have years of experience specifically in product management in B2B SaaS


A few words on...

  • Why you’re interested in being a product manager at Integry in particular
  • Why product management is useful, and what goes wrong without it
  • The product you are most proud of shipping, and your role in its development
  • The biggest product mistake you’ve made (we all have them!)


  • Top 1% You, Top 1% Salary: We hire the very best top 1% and we pay the top 1% of the market.
  • Work from anywhere: We are a fully distributed company with team members working across three different continents.
  • Work at any time: We’re also distributed in time. We don’t have timings; we have regular check-ins. You work at whatever time suits you.
  • Unlimited Vacations: Anyone can take a few hours, days, weeks off without approval. We don’t track how many days you’re off.
  • Home Office Renovation Budget: We want you to be comfortable working from home. We’ll assign an Interior Designer to you who will work with you to renovate your home office.
  • Home Utilities Support: We’ll cover internet, backup internet while you work from home.
  • Work from any Co-working Space: Maybe you don’t want to work from home or you can’t. In that case, pick any co-working space near you and we’ll pay for it.
  • Medical coverage for you, your family, your parents, or anyone you care about: So long as you have a valid receipt or invoice. Your coverage includes dental and vision as well.
  • Up to Six Month Paid Maternity Leave: We also provide leaves in case of miscarriage.
  • Education fund: We’ll pay for any books, courses or material you need to purchase.
  • Awesome Gear: Upgrade your own laptop or get a custom, top-of-the-line laptop from us.
  • Stock Options: You’ll get stock options in Integry Inc. US